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Easy DVD Rip 3.0

Extract the contents of your DVDs to lighter and more manageable formats
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Extract the contents of your DVDs to lighter and more manageable formats. Easy DVD Rip allows you to save your DVD movies as MPG or AVI files complete with the subtitle and audio streams of your choice. It also includes a CD Burner, so that you can burn to disc the converted files as soon as they are ready. You can extract a whole title or its individual chapters, or even a specific time interval only.

With a conservative and easy-to-use interface that works like a wizard, this program can be comfortably used even by novice users. On the first screen, you can see the program's main menu, which allows you to choose among converting the movie's main title, specific chapters only, and starting the CD burner. On the next screen, you can choose the DVD disc that you want to rip - the program can detect automatically all discs present in your system. In addition, you can load your movie from a folder in your hard drive or in any other media.

Once the movie has been loaded, you will see a hierarchically-structured list of the titles and chapters in it. You can establish the ripping mode, the output format, and any other parameter individually for each chapter or title. Among those parameters you will find the audio and subtitle tracks to be included, the output file name, and the level of quality. As for the output format, you can choose among VCD, SVCD, and AVI. However, VCD and SVCD are not actually video codecs, and therefore, strictly speaking, they could not be considered as formats. What the program really does is create MPG files (MPEG-1 and MPEG-2), compliant with the VCD and SVCD standards, respectively. If you select AVI as the output format, you must specify the audio and video codecs to be used (i.e., DivX, XviD, and MP3).

Also in this screen there is a "Preview" tab that accomplishes a double function. It allows you to have a preview of the title or chapter selected, and to define a time interval within it. There is also the "Info" tab, which displays general information about the selected title or chapter. Here you can see the source resolution, the frame rate standard (PAL or NTSC), the codec, the aspect ratio, the audio and subtitle streams, and the play time. Finally, in the last screen you will be shown a summary of the options you selected, and will give you the possibility of starting the ripping process from here, too. The process is fairly fast and produces high-quality results.

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  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to set a different output configuration for every single chapter or title
  • Allows you to rip a specific time interval only
  • Includes its own CD Burner
  • Can detect automatically all DVD discs present in your system


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